Monday, September 08, 2008

A Thought on "Commuity Organizers"

Here's the Wiki definition:

Community organizing is a process by which people are brought together to act in common self-interest. While organizing describes any activity involving people interacting with one another in a formal manner, much community organizing is in the pursuit of a common agenda. Many groups seek populist goals and the ideal of participatory democracy. Community organizers create social movements by building a base of concerned people, mobilizing these community members to act, and developing leadership from and relationships among the people involved

Uh huh.

In some places, the organizers get paid for this work.

In other places, they are called "PTA Presidents," "Boy/Girl Scout Leaders," "Athletic Board Members", and things like that.

In one case with which I am very familiar, a "community organizer" was able to enshrine leaf-burning in the City of Brookfield's ordinances.

He was paid zippo. Nada. Nothing. Zero. And he defeated a Mayor and Common Council which were in lockstep on the other side.

He was a tough, persuasive, and common-sense guy with extensive industrial experience--NOT as a President or Vice-President, but as a plant manager.

For a much better definition of "community organizers," see Prosqtor's item here.

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Headless Blogger said...

I don't understand why Obama thinks that claiming to be a Communist Organizer will help outside of DU, Kos and the rest of his base.