Tuesday, September 09, 2008

SlipSlidinLyinJoe Biden's NEW Bishop

Meet the new Bishop--same as the old Bishop.

Here he's preaching his first sermon as Bishop of Wilmington, DE. (Biden (aka Sancho) had another committment and couldn't make it.)

... Mary’s mother, St. Anne, carried a very special life in her womb which serves as a vivid reminder that every life is special. We will continue to stress the constant teaching of the Church that each person must respect every life from conception to natural death. And we will continue to seek the intercession of Saint Thomas More for Statesmen, Politicians, Supreme Court Justices, Judges and Lawyers—that they may be courageous and effective in defending and promoting the sanctity of human life, the foundation of every human right, the foundation of our love for the poor.

It's been reported that the old Bishop of Wilmington did not put up with Joe's stance on the question--and that Joe avoided encountering that Bishop at Mass.

One suspects that 'schedule problems' will keep SlipSlidinLyinJoe Biden away from the new Bishop, too.

HT: Pro Ecclesia

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