Thursday, September 11, 2008

Obama, the Spender

Umnnnhhh....when Folkbum's collaborator mentions out-of-control spending, let's just say that "irony" may not be in his dictionary.

"In just three years, our opponent has requested nearly a billion dollars in earmarks, and that’s about a million dollars every working day." ---S. Palin, 9/10/08

Actually, since the Senate only works an average of 3 days/week, her numbers are inaccurate. It's closer to $1.4 million/working day.

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Jay Bullock said...

Palin is off by about a quarter of a billion in her numbers for Obama. Also, per capita, she requested more than 10x the earmarks this year (on her "reduced" plan!) than Obama did in his highest year:
Obama hasn't asked for any earmarks this year. Last year, he asked for $311 million worth, about $25 for every Illinois resident. Alaska asked this year for earmarks totaling $198 million, about $295 for every Alaska citizen.

(Also note that of Obama's total $740m in requests, only $220m had been approved.)