Saturday, September 13, 2008

GAB Sniveling Over "Lost Votes"

Those poor, poor things! Can't we all have a good cry?

(Before we get to the main act, here--has anyone asked Kevin Kennedy for his resignation yet? Seems to me that when he hired Accenture, he started all this crap.)

But to the point:

Here's the latest Wailing and Breast-Beating from the Professional Sniveler crowd:

The board says the suit would affect all people who filed paperwork between those dates, about 1 million voters (That would be the General Accountability Board, which is working hard to be Un-accountable, like Kennedy.)

The GAB didn't read the complaint too well.

Van Hollen says he is seeking those checks for people who filed paperwork by mail or with special registration deputies who work for volunteer groups - about 241,000 voters

Twittering and snippiness ensues from the Permanently Aggrieved:

Department of Justice officials "sound a little foggy on who is entitled to cast a provisional ballot," said board spokesman Kyle Richmond

Of course, that's irrelevant (what would you expect?)

People can cast provisional ballots in only two scenarios, he said. Those who register to vote for the first time by mail without providing proof of residence can cast provisional ballots if they don't have proof of residence with them when they show up to vote. Also allowed to cast provisional ballots are voters who have Wisconsin driver's licenses but cannot provide the license number when they register at the polls.

Others - such as those who want to register at the polls but do not have proof of residence or someone with them who can vouch for their address - cannot cast provisional ballots, according to the board.


What the Un-Accountable Board is saying is this:

Someone CAN VOTE provisionally if they have a Wisconsin DL but don't have the number with them.

Someone CAN same-day register AND VOTE if they have proof of residence OR can provide someone who will "vouch" for their residence.

So if you forget your DL, just come back with it within a day. No problem-o. If you can prove that you live in Wisconsin, register and vote, no problem-o.

If neither of those applies, then you shouldn't vote here.

What's so hard to understand?


capper said...

Why do you have a hard time understanding that the million people that could be affected wouldn't have access to the provisional ballot.

(I'll not go with VH's numbers since he doesn't seem to clear on his marching orders yet.)

Dad29 said...

You're asserting, with no foundation, that 1 MILLION people have registered by mail and/or through proxy-registration schemes like that of ACORN since 1/2006.

You're smoking dope if you believe that.

By the way, it's GAB that "doesn't know its marching orders." The law is clear. GAB can't read.