Saturday, September 06, 2008

DOT: More Money; Drivers Ignore Signs

When WisDOT approved the design for Bluemound Road back 10+ years ago, developers built a lot of stores and offices. The road built up quite a volume of traffic. Accidents happened.

So WisDOT came up with NEW designs. They simply made it impossible to exit the strip-malls and offices and turn left.

Oh. Yah. THAT works.

Today I was one of 6 drivers (maybe more, who counts?) who played the WisDOT right-turn game until the first available stoplight--and then made a U-turn at the stoplight on the 'left-turn' signal.

By the way, the WisDOT master-plan worked. Traffic is noticeably light in the retail stores along Bluemound Road.

Who knows how much money WisDOT spent to: 1) make drivers into frustrated lawbreakers; AND 2) put the shiv into the backs of the merchants on Bluemound?

Who cares? Not WisDOT.

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Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

Appartently the plan is to completely re do Bluemound Rd in the next five years. This time, they want to put in frontage roads everywhere.

My question is simply this:

Where are you going to put in frontage roads?