Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Asian Badger Alert; More on "Troopergate AK"

It's possible that AB will now go into paroxysms:

She came by and said the usual "Hi, I'm Sara Palin and I am running for Governor"...and I expected her to keep on to the next person but she asked me who I was and what I did in Alaska and we ended up talking for 15 minutes about me [personal details redacted, but you should know this is a pilot. -Grim]. She is a pilot (Super Cub) I'm told although all she told me about that was that she loved flying.

Let's hope AB can recover in time for Drinking Right...

And some more info on "Troopergate":

This maverick Trooper is still on the payroll but only just. The Union intervening saved his malcontent ass. He'll yet get his I'm sure. Incredible heat is being heaped on the Troopers. Public heat, not the Governors office. The Democrats had the audacity to appoint a obviously biased investigator, Rep. "Gunny" French (so called because he lied about being in the USMC while running for the Legislature) is a staunch liberal and under the orders of Senate President Lyda Green who hates Sara.

Gee. "Partisan" Democrat who lied about service to the country? Shocked!! I'm SHOCKED!!

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Dad29 said...

i thought you'd like to give her lessons on flying jets instead of SuperCubs.

Anonymous said...

I'll leave THAT to the Air Force!!

They have access to cooler jets.

capper said...

How is Palin's taped self-contradictions) (read: Lies) the work of partisan Democrats again?