Thursday, September 11, 2008

Anent "The Collective" Post of Yesterday

This blog highlighted a couple of insight-laden essays yesterday, reminding readers that "the Collective" --the undifferentiated masses--is a foundational concept in the Progressive encyclopedia of ideas.

P-Mac quotes a Time Mag-a-Rag essayist to drive it home again.

"It's a tactical mistake, first of all, to focus global warming action on personal restrictions. The developed world could cut back hugely on its meat consumption, but those gains would be largely swallowed up -- sorry -- by the developing world, which isn't likely to give up its newly acquired taste for cheeseburgers and pork. The same goes for energy use, or travel. It's great for magazines to come up with 51 ways you can save the environment, but relying on individuals to voluntarily change their behavior is nowhere near as effective as political change aimed at speeding the transition to an economy far less carbon-intensive than our current one. So, by all means cut back on the burgers -- I recommend a nice deep-fried scorpion -- but remember that your choices from the takeout menu will matter less than the choices made by those who inherit the White House next January."

P-Mac's take:

In other words, it's all very nice if you drive a Prius and use all squiggly light bulbs and eat no meat. But you'll still need some bossing around. Real virtue is what is imposed on you by a government, because it will be a lot stricter than anything you're willing to do.

Salvation by Gummint imperative. Any more questions about the "O-and-Savior" image which the Democrat curries? Or about comparing "community organizer" to Jesus Christ?

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