Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Marquette Tribune: No Speech Here!!

From a newsletter:

Demonstrating that college student newspapers are not always the bastion of free speech they pride themselves on, three newspapers have rejected an educational ad placed by Pro-Life Wisconsin.

Those three newspapers are the Marquette University Tribune, the UW-La Crosse Racquet and the UW-Stout Stoutonia.

Here's the "objectionable" material:

The ads show a college-aged female and male, along with the words, “Emergency contraception is a powerful, high dose of steroids that tricks a woman’s body into thinking it is pregnant. These steroids can cause chemical abortions and deadly blood clots.”

The ads further encourage students to “Make smart choices the night before… that way you won’t have any emergencies to deal with the morning after!”

One would think that Marquette University would encourage that sort of truth-telling.

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