Saturday, March 08, 2008

Doyle: I'll Steal the Money to "Fix" the Budget!!


But Doyle isn't expected to introduce his budget repair bill until early next week — a bill lawmakers say could include a shift of hundreds of millions of dollars from the fund used to build and maintain the state's roads. (Read: spend money on WEAC-approved stuff, like WEAC salaries/bennies.)

Darth wants to "borrow" $300 million from the transportation fund, then float bonds to replace the money. That should be fun to watch, in the worst credit environment since....oh....1930 or so.

There are alternatives:

...Senate Majority Leader Russ Decker, D-Weston, is pushing to protect spending on state programs by closing a tax loophole favorable to some corporations and by taxing hospitals to bring in more federal money. (Read: spend money on WEAC-approved stuff, like WEAC salaries/bennies.)

This is laughingly called "management" in Gummint circles.


Billiam said...

What the hell. Let everything else in the state fall apart. Keeping WEAC happy is the only acceptable goal. Screw everything, and everyone else. They won't be happy any other way.

Anonymous said...

Well, Doyle and Decker aren't the only morons around...they were ELECTED to office.