Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Rudy Rockefeller, Part 2

Rudy wants the image of a 'fighter,' but won't bother with reform.

The very picture of a Rocky Pubbie...

Republican presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani criticized the "fair tax" plan that has been touted by rival candidate Mike Huckabee on Monday, saying it could hurt home buyers.

The former New York City mayor cited the struggling U.S. housing market as a reason to avoid the plan, which would eliminate all taxes on income and investments in favor of a hefty federal sales tax.

"I think there are several tax deductions that are vital to our economy," Giuliani said. "This would not be a good time—I don't know if there would ever be a good time to do this—to advocate ending the home mortgage deduction. The home mortgage deduction is considered by many critical to the ability of people to buy a home and keep their home."

Which demonstrates that Rudeeeee!!!! has no idea of how the Fair Tax plan actually works.

So Rudeeeeee!!!!! simply decides that it's easier to give up than actually work at something:

"Why waste our time trying to do this if we can't actually accomplish it?" Giuliani said. "I try to put my time into things that we can actually accomplish."

Not to worry. Rudy thought about this:

Still, Giuliani said he, too, wants to simplify the tax code so a return could be completed with one piece of paper

Sure. It's called the AMT. Send it ALL in...

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