Monday, December 03, 2007

China Is Our Friend!! Part 51,339: The Kitty Hawk

About 10 days ago, the US press reported that PRChina denied our request to allow the Kitty Hawk and its accompanying battle-group to dock at Hong Kong for R&R.

What they did NOT report surfaced in a Taipei newspaper:

Another explanation was offered by the Hong Kong-based Ming Pao daily, which said the Chinese snub was connected to a large-scale military exercise recently conducted by the Chinese Navy's Eastern and Southern Fleet in an area of the Pacific Ocean east of Taiwan and north of the Philippines.

The exercise was a drill for blockading Taiwan, it said.

"Sources ... said that during the exercise some Chinese ships ran into the Kitty Hawk's battle group in international waters sailing toward Hong Kong," an online version of the Ming Pao article said.

By refusing to allow the Kitty Hawk into Hong Kong, China "wanted to hide the details of their naval exercises and combat capability" to blockade the Taiwan Strait as part of a military attack on Taiwan, the newspaper said.

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