Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Madistan: Still 10 Square Miles Surrounded by Reality

Since DarthDoyle is a Madistan native, this makes sense.

Seventy-six percent of Wisconsin residents oppose allowing illegal immigrants to apply for state driver’s licenses. Only 19% supported the idea.

The most support for this issue came from Madison, where it was only opposed by 49% to 48%,

Maybe we could sell Dane County to New York City.

HT: Fraley


Anonymous said...

Don't sell all of Dane County to NYC. Have you ever been to the Village of Dane? A pig's armpit!

Just sell the 10 square miles around the capitol where I work and live. It would be great to live with more civilized people instead of all the redneck right-wing stooges we have here!

RAG said...

The real news today is that Dane County is apparently in synch with the rest of the state. Maybe not by much but it's a huge story anyway.