Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Elmbrook's Snow Decision

Actually, you could pronounce it "Elmbrook's NO Decision" and be correct.

It was a no-brainer. The roads in Brookfield in the morning were in very good winter driving condition, with only a little packed snow here and there, but mostly wet bare pavement.

In the afternoon, the worst driving was encountered in the Brookfield Central parking lot--the roads, while being snow-covered, were not dangerous, nor difficult to negotiate.

But sure enough, one of the local TV stations managed to find a few....how shall I say this...unhappy moms (apparently all from Alabama or Floriduh or Arizona) who were convinced that a few inches of snow is the equivalent of Nuclear Winter, or the Apocalypse, or Defcon 4.

And they bitched.

Well, folks, they were wrong, and Matt Gibson was right. In Wisconsin, during the winter, one is expected to pack a snow-shovel and tow-strap into the car, just in case. (Of course, if you have to USE those items, you don't know how to drive.) It's what we call "life."

Put your kid on the bus, shut up, and shovel your driveway. Get used to it. There could be another 40-60 inches of snow to come this year. Don't waste your breath bitching.


Devo64 said...

The forcast was for much worse weather. Gibson rolled the dice.

My kids went to school.

Half of the teachers were not there, and the kids who did come spent the entire day complaining about being there.

Gibson was right about the weather. But it was just a lucky guess.

The day was a waste.

All schools north, south, east, and west of Brookfield were closed.

A single car accident from any student or staff member would have made Gibson's decision incredibly stupid.

By the way. Gibson's kid DID NOT ATTEND school that day.

What does that say about his decision making?

Dad29 said...

1) There were TWO weather forecasts for that day. UW-M forecasters, unlike WeatherCentral, did NOT call for a disaster-of-snow.

2) The teachers are wusses; but you knew that, right?

3) "Just One Accident"--what crap. A bus just whacked a phone-pole yesterday due to a FAR more significant hazard in Brookfield: stray deer.

No injuries, no deaths. Clear, dry road, too.

If you don't think your kiddies can drive in the snow, then YOU should take them to school--or force them to take the bus. After all, you pay for the bus.

If YOU don't know how to drive in the snow, I suggest you leave the State.