Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Hildebeeste: About to Crash?

It ain't pretty when the Conservatives start writing about it, and the Captain lays it on thick.

...Barack Obama has managed to do what the "vast right-wing conspiracy" could not -- show how the Clintons operate against their political opponents. The rapidly collapsing Hillary Clinton campaign's desperation has forced them to go public with accusations they normally whisper, because their whispering campaign has proven ineffective against Obama...

(Citing a story by Bob Novak, he quotes):

Last summer, a senior Clinton aide told a famous Democrat believed to favor Obama that the Illinois senator was using his "leadership" political action committee to spread money around the country to grease his presidential prospects. That message was private when Clinton seemed far ahead in the race for the Democratic nomination. It became public when Obama threatened to overtake her.

Not that HRC hasn't done exactly the same thing with her "leadership PAC."

This ain't winning the Hildebeeste any pals in the Democrat Party.

I feel a schadenfreude coming on...

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