Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Benefits of Corrections

Waaaayyyy down in the story about the Department of Corrections' payroll you find this:

Officers make $29,591 when they start on the job. With benefits, their total compensation package is $45,339.

Which is a 53.2% cost-of-benefits.

Tell me again about "underpaid" State employees.


RAG said...

In fairness, the percentage would probably drop for higher paid employees because the largest cost (health insurance) is likely fixed.

In law enforcement today, $29,591 is a very low salary.

Anonymous said...

What the story misses is the bigger story of sick leave abuse by Correctional Officers. If you dig deeper you will more than likely find that many of these Officers have used most of their sick leave if not all. This ensures overtime will continue to be available. For example in a normal 80 work week, if the officer uses 16 hours of sick leave, they can work another 16 hours outside their regularly scheduled work hours and get paid for 96 hours and only have to work 80. At the same time they are calling in sick they are making "overtime" hours available to their fellow "blue shirts"