Saturday, December 01, 2007

Earth Calling Judge Kremers! Hello!!


After shooting one assailant in July 2006, Andres Vegas had one gun seized and was warned he would face prosecution if he continued to carry a pistol in his car in Milwaukee's central city.

He shot a second would-be robber in January. That gun was confiscated, too, and prosecutors charged him with concealing a handgun, a misdemeanor. However, Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Daniel A. Noonan said the statute violated Vegas' constitutional right to carry a gun for self-defense and threw the case out in September.

Circuit Judge Jeffrey A. Kremers reached a different conclusion Friday after Vegas asked for both guns back. Kremers said Vegas could reclaim the gun from the case Noonan threw out, but in the other shooting - which was never prosecuted - Kremers found Vegas was carrying the gun illegally and declined to return it.

"I am not prepared, nor am I inclined, to find the statute unconstitutional" in that case, Kremers said.

I see. The statute is un-Constitutional in May, but not in November. It's un-Constitutional if it's night-time, but not at dusk. Maybe inter-planetary galactic-matter transfers have something to do with it?

Kremers' grip on reality is obviously tenuous.

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