Friday, October 12, 2007

Mercedes-Bennies, Part 2,365

Buried in a story about year-round schools is this little gem:

The [MTEA] teacher contract says teachers accrue .067 of an hour of sick time for each hour worked

The typical work-year for everybody EXCEPT teachers consists of 2,080 hours, less vacations and holidays, meaning 2,080 less 80 (vacation), less 56 (7 paid holidays) or 1,944 hours worked.
Multiply 1,944 hours times .067 and what do you get? THREE WEEKS' paid sick time. But in the real world, typical paid sick-leave is only 5 days. In other words, the MTEA vacation formula is very generous--about 300% of real-world vacation calculations.

Who says teachers are just underpaid slaves?

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