Friday, October 05, 2007

McMiller Tomorrow!

Time to make certain that the .30-06 shoots where I point it, so off we go.

Picked up a little extra ammo for the 6-shooter and spent some pleasant time at Fletcher's, along with an ER nurse from a local hospital. Heard a bit about some of the very sketchy characters who shoot at another Milwaukee-area gunshop.

I understand that some of the fair sex will be with us tomorrow--both newbies--so there'll be a bit of "training time," too. Usually women learn how to use a pistol very quickly--much more then men. And it's always nice to have a couple of younger folks who are taking up the sport (and who are serious about self-defense.)


RAG said...

And then there was the time in the police academy at the range when we removed a wad cutter and replaced it with a .357 magnum load. :)

Dad29 said...

Yah...makes a difference, no?

My .357 is a very nice 6-shooter--an old Dan Wesson. Heavyweight, easy to handle, and very, very accurate (moreso than I am, I fear.)

But it does rise a bit after that hammer releases!

steveegg said...

You just had to go and do a shoot while I was in "gun-free" DC, didn't you?