Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Fred Thompson: Credible Fundraising, Too!

From Captain's Quarters:

...Fred Thompson's fundraising since his announcement came to $200K per day. Extrapolated over a full quarter (90 days), that comes to $18 million -- a fundraising rate that would certainly be very impressive indeed. He also added 70,000 donors, a very substantial indication of a broad reach in the electorate.

Will any other GOP candidate, having been in for a full quarter, reach that number in Q3? It's doubtful. In fact, the only candidates to approach that number in any quarter were Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney, and in Q2 Mitt had to loan himself six million dollars to surpass it. Mitt has had the best fundraising numbers altogether, but we have yet to see the Q3 figures.

Romney continues to lose momentum; Giuliani has had a 'warning shot' fired over his bows by some Christian conservatives. McCain will continue to trip over his own ego.

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