Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Fox6/Rasmussen: Doyle Sucks!

Channel 6 got together with Rasmussen and asked a few questions of 500 likely voters. Mordecai Lee 'splained the results.

Some interesting stuff--but the most interesting was the level of disdain for DarthDoyle. Sixty-one percent (!!) of those polled rated him as "fair" or "poor" and only 30% rated him "excellent" or "good."

Lee liked the 4-division ratings, saying that 'with a 5-division, people tend to go to the middle' category, whereas in a 4-division, 'they are forced to be either positive or negative.'

Other stuff: the Hildebeeste has 47% negative ratings, but would still defeat Ruuuudeee!, Fred!!, or Romney--but the defeat would be by a VERY slim margin.

Tommy Thompson is advised to retire. Now. (And get a better hairdresser...)

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