Friday, October 12, 2007

"DREAM" a Nightmare, Doyle Dons Costume!

It's hard to believe some of the provisions of the "DREAM" Act. But it's not surprising that DarthDoyle incorporates this crap into his "Budget, (R2)." Doyle has proven time and time again that "costs to the taxpayer" are not part of his alleged thinking.

The DREAM Act would allow any illegal immigrant of any age who entered the United States before age 16 and has a high school diploma or equivalent to enroll in any state university and pay only the in-state tuition rate. Being an illegal immigrant is the prerequisite to getting this preferential treatment, which is denied to legal aliens with valid student visas.

In-state tuition can amount to a taxpayer subsidy of up to $20,000 a year, depending on what the university charges students from the other 49 states. The illegal immigrant also becomes eligible for taxpayer-paid federal student loans and federal work-study programs, for which lawful foreign students are ineligible.

The Wisconsin in-state tuition is relatively low--meaning that Wisconsin taxpayers will be subsidizing a relatively-higher amount for ILLEGALS.

Not to mention the ridiculous notion that LEGAL foreign students cannot obtain this subsidy!!

But that's not all. The illegal alien would be rewarded with conditional lawful permanent resident green card status, which can be converted to a non-conditional green card. The immigrant can use his new legal status to seek green cards for the parents who brought him into the United States.

The student has six years to convert his green card from conditional to non-conditional. He just needs to complete two years of study at a college or serve two years in the military, and if he has already had two years of college, he can convert his green card to non-conditional immediately.
[Complete two years of study??? While the 'military' option is palatable, if not exactly perfect, this "" thing brings up another series of questions....]

The illegal immigrant who applies for the DREAM Act can count his years under conditional green card status toward the five years needed to attain citizenship. That's a fast track to citizenship that is not available to aliens who are lawfully present in the United States.

What's with the screwing of LEGAL aliens?

Here in Wisconsin:

A new summary Thursday of Doyle's revised budget said it retains a plan to provide in-state tuition to illegal immigrants who graduate from a Wisconsin high school.

And what's with the screwing of US and Wisconsin taxpayers?

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