Friday, October 12, 2007

Belling's Good Question--And an Answer, Maybe

Yah, hey.

How the Hell does one place THREE .40cal rounds into one's own head before finally buying the farm?

The .40cal is a stout round (ask JBVanHollen.) It makes big holes.

So how does someone put TWO rounds through one's head (from the chin upwards) and then place another round from side-to-side?

Either Peterson was one really, really, really tough SOB, or the first two rounds entered the chin and left w/upper teeth only.


UPDATE: Through Jessica, (tipped by McMahon,) we find "The Explainer" who 'splains that it's possible, and not necessarily real painful, either.

Things one doesn't need to know, really....

UPDATE TWO: Belling still doesn't like it. He has a cop-pal who says 'it's impossible.' But then an autopsy-performing MD gets on the phone and tells him that it's been done before, not impossible at all, and he's SEEN cases like this.

Belling doesn't want to let go, even though it would seem he's barking up the wrong tree here.

There are plenty of other questions, though. Like where the hell were the cops after the first 911 call came in telling them where the suspect was? FIVE HOURS to organize a take-down party?


steveegg said...

I'll take the latter, along with the rounds being FMJ.

Patrick said...

Yeah, I could see surviving one round... but to be conscious to do it twice more???

If you push the barrel of the pistol under your chin, your head will tilt back a little, when you pull the trigger, I could see how the bullet would come out the front of your face, but I couldn't imagine being coherent enough to realize that you screwed up, and try again... then again!!

Dad29 said...

Well, Eggster, that means both. FMJ or no, (and hollow-points wouldn't really make a difference if they hit the teeth on the way out) he's still gotta be in a world of hurt before he pulls the trigger a second and THIRD time.

Dan said...

Wouldn't the concussion of the gun going off also do damage- knock him out or at least make him incoherent?

Dad29 said...

No. You're off by orders of magnitude. A concussion effect that strong would have to come from a bomb, not a gun.

steveegg said...

World of hurt? Certainly. Enough hurt to make him give up trying to kill himself? Not so much.

Speaking of which, I need to go clean my .40 S&W; I spent some quality time out at the range yesterday.

As for the concussive effects, we're not talking the S&W 500 here.

john said...

This whole situation is bizarre, but let's let logic be our guide.
Of course the local and county response was pathetic. In fact as Peterson left the home, a squad car saw him and he fired at the cop..(Carter?), in light of that, his freedom on the lam for hours is moronic, and inexcusable.
That being said, his death has zero relationship to the fuck ups by the authorities, UNLESS, you are willing to believe that he was EXECUTED, in a conspiracy to somehow cover up or make up for the ineptitude.
Not plausible in my opinion.
In fact, though we cannot relate or imagine a 3 shot suicide, the autopsey, or multiple autopsies...I GUAR-AN-TEEEE, will answer those questions.
I sincerely doubt that the prelimenary results of his death are not true or are inaccurate. Think what you like, but only 2 possibilities exist.
1) He did shoot himself 3 times, or
2) There is a conspiracy.
The truth will certainly come out.

Anonymous said...

I'll tell you what happened, he was killed by one of the parents of the deceased, which explains the time lag. He was killed execution style