Monday, September 03, 2007

Travel Notes

  • We're on the road; Dallas is about a 20 hour drive from SE Wisconsin, so hotels are a requirement.
  • Checked with Owen before departure and he was right: you don't speed in Oklahoma, but almost anyplace else is OK with 7-10 over. The Illinois State coppers, like the Wisconsin State patrol, are browning up with the Feds on the Great Seat Belt Crisis. Nothing like a Federal grant to get the ticket-flow up a bit.

    Miscellaneous Notes:
  • On Sunday nights, I-44 is extremely busy, both directions. It's also a holiday weekend...
  • There are a lot of FedEx trucks on the road in Mo., considering that their HQ is in Tennessee.
  • The Oklahoma folks were bragging about the "low humidity." Dewpoint was 65 degrees. Evidently since they cannot grow bananas there, they think it's "low."
  • Amazing fact: with low gasoline taxes, Texas is able to pave their roads. All of them. They even pave the frontage roads next to the Interstates. And they have some 8-lane Interstate segments, too--with bridges, concrete, the whole thing. And low gasoline taxes, (did I mention that?) $2.56/gallon in Dallas, $2.69 outstate.
  • $2.59/gal in Missouri, SW of St Louis. Most of the rest of Mo and Ok are at $2.80+/gal.
  • Some people in Texas learned how to drive on a head of cattle, not in a car.

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steveegg said...

Enjoy Dallas...while it's still American territory. Mexican President Felipe Calderon has adopted the Islamokazi definition of Mexico - "Where there is a Mexican, there is Mexico."