Saturday, September 08, 2007

Quote of the Week--Better Than Kevin's!

Brett Favre:

"I hope I don't need any records for people to remember me as a pretty good quarterback." wife's from the Green Bay area, as are some in-laws, so I'm qualified to state that you're a Pretty Good Quarterback, Brett.

Damn, you're a good'un.

HT: Kevin--and since it was in a post Kevin provided, I do NOT understand how it escaped his notice.


jp said...

Dear Dad;
Because Mom, Uncle Fred and aunt Pattie are from Green Bay, may I tell my friends I am more qualified to make statements about the ability of individual Packers?

Your Son,

Dad29 said...

Not only that. Tell folks that you, too, were at the Ice Bowl.

And that you were a personal pal of Henry Jordan.

I am.

Works for me.