Wednesday, September 05, 2007

MSM--Wrong Again on Pope Benedict XVI

If you read (and actually believed) the MSM reports last week, you'd think Pope Benedict joined AlGore's gang.

Wrong. I'll quote from Tom Peters at his blogsite The American Papist.

The press has already decided that his entire homily was primarily about saving the planet "before it's too late" (to quote from the Reuters headline). I'm going to reproduce the relevant passage where the Pope does speak about safeguarding Creation.This quotation consists of 162 words out of a 2,569 word address:

One of the fields in which it is urgent to work is most definitely that of safeguarding creation. The new generations are responsible for the future of the planet, which shows evident signs of a development that has not always known to preserve the delicate balances of nature. Before it is too late, we must make courageous choices with a view to a strong alliance between man and the earth.

We need a decisive Yes to safeguarding creation and a strong commitment to reverse those tendencies which risk bringing us to a situation of irreversible (environmental) degradation. That is why I appreciate the initiative of the Italian Church to promote greater sensitivity to the problems of protecting the environment by designating a national day for this purpose on September the first.

This year, attention is directed towards water, a most precious asset which, unless it is shared in a just and peaceful way, will become a cause for tensions and bitter conflicts. ...

and that's it: an entirely reasonable admonition for youth to protect Creation. Notice that the scope of the stewardship, as I read it, focuses on problems of micro environments, i.e, scarcity of water in certain regions, and a plural reference to the "balances of nature."

And the "green vestments" happen to be required during the season after Pentecost in the Church year. Has nothing whatsoever to do with the "Green Party" or 'earth-symbolism.'

Thought you'd like to know.


Al said...

Remember, this is the MSM we are dealing with. When do you think 1 of them last saw the inside of a Catholic Church let alone understands the reasons for the colors of vestments.

This is the same bunch that reports the Pope as attacking capitalism when he is attacking abuses done in the name of capitalism.

GOR said...

So, can we assume that the next time the Holy Father wears purple vestments he will be acclaimed as a Vikings fan...?

Anonymous said...

I suppose when he wears red vestments for feasts of martyrs he will be regarded as a Communist?