Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Hildebeeste's Donor Hsu--Where's the Money Coming From?

If this all sounds familiar...

After he was convicted of fraud last decade, and allegedly kidnapped by a Chinese gang in San Francisco, Hsu fled to Hong Kong, where he was born and raised. He returned to the U.S. not long after Hillary Clinton won her Senate seat. Then – for the first time – he started donating heavily to Democrats. He gave no political campaign gifts in the U.S. before 2004.

"The source of Hsu's income at this point is unknown," a congressional investigator told WND. "It begs the question, where did he get the resources to contribute so much money?"

Here's another piece of the picture:

Before his forced resignation last week, Norman Yuan Yuen Hsu sat on the board of trustees of the liberal New School university in New York with former Loral Corp. head Bernard L. Schwartz, who was allowed to transfer restricted satellite and missile technology to a People's Liberation Army front after contributing a record amount of cash to President Clinton's 1996 campaign.

In effect, if not de jure, Bernie Schwarz is playing around the edges of treason. Bernie personally vouched for Hsu and as a result Hsu was placed on the Board of Trustees of New School in New York.

Loral at the same time helped Beijing – over the objections of the U.S. intelligence community – improve its commercial space launchers. That in turn, helped make its nuclear-tipped missiles more reliable as ICBMs, several of which are aimed at U.S. cities.

In fact, it's believed China's recent downing of a satellite with a ground-based missile would not have been possible without Loral's technical assistance.

Very nice, Bernie.

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St. Jimbob of the Apokalypse said...

Just like that old communist axiom that the capitalist will sell you the rope to hang him with.