Friday, September 07, 2007

David Clarke's 180-Degree on CCW?

Evidently the Sheriff has seen the light. Following is a part of an email he sent to The Blogfather.

If Governor Doyle really wanted to help the City of Milwaukee, he should stop coming here. We already have an over abundance of underperforming politicians. My advice to him is to stay in Madison and sign property tax relief legislation for our over-taxed residents. If the police are no longer able to guarantee the personal safety of citizens, then reconsider your opposition to allowing law-abiding people the means with which to protect themselves. Yes, Governor, that means carrying concealed handguns.

Although I didn't follow his campaign(s) too carefully, my recollection is that the Sheriff was not in favor of CCW--or if he was, it was somewhat limited.

Happy to have him on board, in any case!


steveegg said...

If it isn't a 180, then it's no less than a 176.

capper said...

He was dead set against it in '02 and in the last election. As the Bible teaches, don't trust serpents.

RAG said...

Having been a police officer and chief in a concealed carry state, I have mixed feelings about it.

You have no idea how much fun it isn't to stop an "impaired" driver at night and find out that he's packing heat.

Ditto for Billy Bob whooping it up inside a bar or some scumbag wailing on his wife.

The good sheriff must have forgotten what it's like to be a WORKING cop.

On the flip side, if some dirtbag breaks into a house and is blown away, I say that's an occupational hazard willingly undertaken by a burglar.

Dad29 said...

Well, there's research on that stuff, rag. Seems that the ONLY time a cop was fired on as a result of a traffic stop was in Mass (? or N.E. somewhere)--and the arrestee who pulled and used the gun was an LEO himself.


I don't envy the job of the street cop. On the other hand, it is not in the Top 10 of life-threatening jobs...things could be worse, eh?

capper said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but if someone broke into your house, you would not need the concealed carry law to defend yourself.

What would worry me is all the would be Charlie Bronson's. In fact, God forbid, I was in a situation where it may come into play, I would rather only have to worry about the gun in front of me and not some guy playing Dirty Harry behind me. (Or in Milwaukee would it be Dirty Stash?)

Dad29 said...

Capper, people who have handguns ought to know how to use them. Uncertainty as to target and precision of the hit means Don't Use The Gun.

OTOH, Capper, wouldn't it be nice to know that some decent citizen could pull a gun and persuade your attacker to change his mind?

In 98%+ of the cases, merely brandishing the weapon stops a perp.

Of course, us Conservatives could simply leave you Liberals to the tender mercies of the perps. Heh.