Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Worship at the Wrong Altar

There's waaayyyyyy too much in this article to fisk it graf-by-graf.

Suffice it to say that Ms. Van de Kamp Nohl doesn't get it. She SERIOUSLY does not get it.

HT: Bruce Murphy.


diana said...

You are right: way to much to cover. Again, it is written by someone poorly educated in the faith, if ever educated in the faith. A couple of things:
The sneer at Dolan's "lack of depth,"-- could it possibly be because he is cutting through the crap and saying yes, you actually have to believe the Catholic faith and practice a life of holiness that contains a, b, and c?
Meanwhile Weakland spent his time finding ways to excuse people from their sinfulness/lukewarmness.That does show a certain conniving and cleverness, to twist things around enough to find loop holes so people can basically believe what they please while considering themselves Catholic.

Another thing: Gee, I didn't know that kneeling was "re"introduced? It was always the posture in the GIRM and aberrant priests told people it changed. Now, caught in their lies, what can they say? To say it doesn't matter when compared to the sex abuse crisis--not pedophile but gay men preying on teen boys--yes, it does affect what we believe about the Eucharist, which is the cornerstone of our faith. Without that faith, our church in Milwaukee is dead. What that Eucharist is IS NOT BEING TAUGHT!

Dolan has his hands full. When I was in my early twenties trying to come back--actually I don't think I ever was a Catholic,I was NEVER taught jack squat about Catholicism (what did these people think? that I would just pick this stuff up somewhere without them saying a word?), I went to my home parish to ask questions and I'm sure you can imagine the silly answers I got...a few years later when I had educated myself with the help of the Catechism I went to the pastoral associate and DRE and asked them why did they not give me the information in the Catechism, which was out well before then? They acted like they had given me accurate Church teaching so I requestioned them and got the same answers. So I went through the Catechism with them. They said, so what? They also insisted that attending Mass on Sunday (or Saturday night) is NOT an obligation. Maybe this is why no one shows up?
When the attitude of the previous generation is to go to church regularly, but criticize the Church to their children, what did they expect would happen?
Lastly, I hate to have to say it, but if it were not for St Anthony's I would probably not feel too keen about going to these Masses around here. My husband has been all over the nation and can always find a good, orthodox mass anywhere. In Milwaukee they are few and far between.
I could fill this comments box but will withdraw.

Dad29 said...

A knowledgeable adviser tells me that the author-ette of the article is VERY VERY tight with Abp. Weakland.

Just in case you couldn't tell.

The fact that the Church perseveres through all this stuff oughta tell us something.

diana said...

Hmmm how very interesting...

Brian said...

Read the article a few months back while waiting for my Mother to finish an eye doctor's appointment. I love how she portrayed Weakland as a 'brainy' administrator of the intricate finances of the archdiocese and Dolan as basically affable, but dim, figurehead.

Brainy? Well, I guess getting the church to fork over hush money to appease your gay lover took some sort of cunning...

The whole article is a mess.

Neo-Con Tastic said...

Yea, I read it during my lunch hour. I'm glad I waited to eat until afterwards.