Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Where to Cut State Spending

At least one interesting idea, which was generated by another idea.

This from the Croc:

Instead of getting rid of state spending on local schools, how about replacing the system with state-funded universal school choice?

Yah. Why not?

One price, all kids, say $6,000.00/kid/year, flat. No questions, no arguments. Local district wants to spend more, it's on your proptax.

Throw in an extra G-note/kid IFF they require a ride in a school bus.

Apparently Owen and the Croc also agree that the "Stewardship Fund" can be put to rest. I wholeheartedly concur.

While we're at it, put a 5-year moratorium on New UW Buildings, (with the possible exception of a UW-M Engine House--see above post) and all Road Projects not slated to begin in the next biennium. "Begin" does not mean "engineered." It means ground-breaking.

As to shared-revenue: first thing, force the locals to document the costs "imposed by the State." They'll have 12 months to do it. Those costs should be examined for actual benefits (as opposed to 'feel-good giveaways,') and then, in the following 12 months, cuts will be made--both to State mandates (repeal them) and to shared revenue for useless costs.

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