Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Usual Lies--US Senate Version

As you know, Congressman "Potato" Obey will forbid 'earmarks' until the Budget bill goes into the Joint Conference--

...where he will add all the earmarks that he "forbade".

Because once the bill emerges from Joint Conference, it cannot be amended.

Turns out the Amestizers are pulling the same trick in the Senate.

First off, it does look like the Senate immigration bill is coming back. The conventional wisdom seems to be that it's going to be brought up right before the July 4th break, so that the Senate Republican leadership can try to use that as leverage to get votes (in other words, "vote for the bill or we'll have to waste your vacation time until you do").

This is despite the fact that the conservative leaders of the anti-amnesty movement are refusing to cooperate, and won't give Mitch McConnell a list of amendments that they want considered. My source tells me that the reason for this is that the game has now been rigged.

McConnell is essentially promising to bring the amendments up in exchange for cloture votes, but he's publicly saying that they will strip any problematic amendments out in committee.

In other words, if the bill gets through the Senate and the House, the Democrats and the open borders Republicans will work together when the bills have to be reconciled in committee to strip out any amendments that the "grand bargainers" don't like. Therefore, at this point, it doesn't matter what amendments pass, because any tough enforcement provisions slip through will be rendered toothless when the bills are reconciled.

Lies, Liars, and Senators. Sometimes you think a good buttstroke to the head is just the ticket.

HT Malkin

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