Saturday, June 02, 2007

Stupid Crook Story

So you've got a stash of RPG's, military night-vision equipment, full-auto conversion kits for M-16A2's, machine gun parts and barrels, and yada yada.

You know, "neat stuff"!!

How to to monetize....

The STUPID answer:

Federal prosecutors charged a Navy veteran from Wisconsin with illegally selling machine gun parts and other military equipment to an undercover agent.
Carmel served as a supply officer on the minesweeper USS Shrike, according to a complaint filed May 21 in federal court in New York. He had access to inventories for U.S. military supply depots around the world and purchased hundreds of laser sights, machine gun barrels, night vision goggles and machine gun parts for the ship, the complaint said.
In April 2006, immigration officials discovered a rifle scope for sale on eBay. An undercover agent tracked the account to Carmel's father.The agent inquired about buying more scopes, and Carmel's father referred the agent to his son. Carmel agreed in an e-mail to sell another scope and a laser-targeting device to the agent.
What? You mean somebody could actually be paying attention?

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Headless Blogger said...

"... charged a Navy veteran from Wisconsin ..."

Another WEAC success story?