Saturday, June 02, 2007

State Employees Getting ChildCare Subsidy?

From Political Capital:

Instead of Ronald Reagan’s mythical Cadillac Welfare Queens overrunning the state, Wisconsin has its own BMW Daycare Scam going with state employees collecting extra child-related benefits.

Sue Jeskewicz, Jeff Stone and other Republicans shrewdly tried to eliminate the childcare subsidiary enjoyed by 115 state employees who receive state-subsidized childcare within a hop, skip and a jump away from overly generous statehouse policies.

But you won’t hear boo from the mainstream media about the $268,400 biennial subsidy or the astute observation that it’s not a benefit that taxpayers have and that it’s an unfair perk for certain state employees.

OK. Kudos to Stone, Jeskewicz, et al.

But just exactly WHO is getting this benefit? And why?

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