Wednesday, June 13, 2007

State Dem (Dums) "Preference" Illegal Aliens?

Another great catch from Jessica:

Specifically, [the Dems] voted against a proposal in the Legislative Council which would require that, as the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel described it, "race and ethnicity could be considered only for U.S. citizens for student loans, University of Wisconsin System admissions, civil service hiring and minority business contracting."

(With the exception of Tim Carpenter.)

So in effect, Fred Risser; Roger Breske; G. Spencer Coggs; Russ Decker; Mark Miller; Judy Robson; Terese Berceau; Jim Kreuser; Mark Pocan; Marlin Schneider all voted that NON-citizens should be "preferenced" for student loans, UW admissions, civil service hiring, and minority business contracting.

Sure. Why not? The State's a walking BK now, anyway...

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