Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sec'y Commerce Gutierrez--Cut Your OWN Lawn!

Another BushBot opens his mouth and displays the ignorance...

Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez, said that failure to pass the bill would hurt the economy. “We will see rotting fruit” in the fields, Mr. Gutierrez said. “We will see lawns that don’t get cared for. We will see patients who don’t get cared for.”

Ankle-Biter BullDogPundit takes him to the woodshed:

And thank you also Mr. Gutierrez for exposing the real reason you and other want this bill - to keep the supply of cheap labor for big business. Let’s overlook the fact that these people are rewarded for breaking the law, and the fact that he’s willing to give convicted criminals citizenship. But hey, that lettuce must get picked.

...Does he really think business owners are going to let their product get ruined because they lose illegal labor? No, what they’re going to do is hire Americans to do the job.

Strange way, Mr. Secretary, to 'win friends and influence people.'

More on the revolting process here, from Malkin. The level of jackassery in the Senate is approaching infinity.

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The Asian Badger said...

Gutierrez is more full of shit than God is of mercy.