Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Pundit Tolls the Bell for Tommy Thompson

Roeser, who knows more about national and local (R) politics and history than the next 10 people you can name (including the Florida-based Missouri product), sums up last night's debate for our ex-Governor:

Tommy Thompson really doesn’t belong there

You want to know what's going on? Read Roeser every day. (And no, I don't agree with everything he says.)


m.z. forrest said...

On the morning news, he was one of 3 candidates to get face time. IIRC, Headline News gave him face time over lunch. Both takes were his joke about not appointing Bush to the UN. For a guy that needs face time, I think it worked. I think we'll have a better idea in 3 months. He needs a top 4 finish Iowa or he is toast.

The Asian Badger said...

Tommy's a fbomb joke. If it wasn't for W2, he would have been labeled a liberal.

State Gubmint grew faster under TT than just about every other governor (sorry, exact facts at my fingertips not available just now.)

Other than W2, TT was a real RINO...good riddance to him.