Sunday, June 17, 2007

Mayor Tom!! Find the Arms Dealer!!

The 12-year-old girl has serious brain damage.

The shooter, Terry, used a .357.

Terry told police he had bought the .357-caliber revolver used in the shooting for $150 about three months ago for protection because his brother had been imprisoned for a homicide.

Since Terry was already convicted of a weapons charge, he didn't buy it legally.

Who sold it to him?

Is Nanette pursuing the seller?

Is the seller going to be charged?

Sent to jail?

Mayor Tom, perhaps you and Mayor Bloomberg should get your butts in gear.

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Glenn D. Frankovis said...

You and I both know that Nannette and isn't likely to commit her "already strained" workforce to investigate and arrest the thug who sold the gun to this thug who shot the 12 year old girl. Of course, if she and/or Barrett had reason to believe it was a legitimate gun dealer there would be no stopping her from such an investigation.