Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Local Pol Slips and Confesses

Generally, I like Supervisor Flessas' opinions and thoughts.

So I make it a point to read his columns.

That can have its rewards. Here he expresses unhappiness with proposed legislation which would allow AT&T to compete with Warner Cable.

This line is as revealing as Paris Hilton's neckline:

Currently, local municipalities do the regulating and earn franchise fees from giant cable TV providers like Time Warner

'Scuse me, Bob? The munis "EARN" fees?

No, Bob. The munis do not EARN jack. They take it at the point of a gun.

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Crocodile Cage said...

With the exception of the one word "earned," Flessas is absolutely right. He favors allowing competition. He simply questions the need for a whole new state bureaucracy. I made that same point in April:


Texas passed similar legislation without a new million dollar agency.