Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Gundrum Holds Up "PlanB" Pill Scheme, Musser Would Steamroll "Choice"

Kudos to Mark Gundrum, who sees the danger in the bill forcing Wisconsin hospitals (and doctors) to provide an abortifacient pill in cases of rape:

A top Republican lawmaker expressed concern about a bill that would require hospitals to stock an emergency contraception pill and make it available to rape victims, and he said he has no plans to hold a hearing on the legislation.

A committee hearing is typically the first step as bills advance through the legislative process. Bills that don't get hearings usually die.

Rep. Mark Gundrum, R-New Berlin, chairman of the Assembly Judiciary and Ethics Committee, said forcing some hospitals to dispense the pill would violate the rights of individual doctors to freely exercise their religious beliefs. Some Catholic doctors are concerned that the pill causes abortion, he said.

"Governments can't be forcing people to do things that are inconsistent with their constitutional rights," said Gundrum, whose committee holds AB 377.

AB377 is the Assembly version of SB129, about which we've posted a few items.

But there are silly (R) folks on the loose:

Rep. Terry Musser, R-Black River Falls and lead sponsor of the bill, said he doesn't expect an immediate hearing because lawmakers are working on the 2007-09 budget. But he said it would be "political suicide" for the Republicans not to pass the bill.

Since AB377/SB129 is being pushed by the World's Leading Advocate of "Choice"--Planned Parenthood--why doesn't Rep. Musser allow the HOSPITALS AND DOCTORS a choice?

In other words, Terry, those hospitals which CHOOSE to stock and dispense the pill should do so. Those that do NOT choose to do so should not.

Maybe that makes too much sense for Terry and the BabyKiller Lobby.

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