Friday, June 01, 2007

China Is Our Friend, Part 49663

Oh, yeah. It's OUR fault that PRChina exports poisoned stuff to the US.

Chinese food exports to the USA are safer than U.S. food exports to the People's Republic of China, a government official claimed in Beijing Thursday, during a spirited defense of the country's food and drug safety system.

Li Yuanping, a senior inspector of food imports and exports, blamed the media for exaggerating China's problems, and blamed the USA for lax procedures that allow U.S. firms to take imports from Chinese firms that are not officially approved by Beijing.

I suggest that the US Government is not 'responsible,' but certain "Free Trade" proponents most certainly ARE responsible. But after all, "cheap is good"!!!

Some stuff you might not have known:

Wei Chuanzhong, deputy head of China's quality and inspection bureau, admitted that two Chinese companies had mislabeled exports of an industrial chemical as a medical ingredient. But Wei insisted that Panamanian businesses, by falsifying the scope of use and shelf-life of the product, were "mainly responsible" for the incident.

In recent weeks, the same chemical, diethylene glycol, a solvent used in paint and antifreeze, has been found in China-made toothpaste in Panama and elsewhere in Central America.

A Chinese-manufactured toothpaste killed 51 Panamanians last year.

And people resent the moniker "Free Traitor." Gee.

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