Friday, May 11, 2007

Your Mother and Her Day

Excerpted from a very well-written and touching post here, this says a bit about "why Mother's Day."

...When children enter a family they begin stripping a parent of his attachments. I remember first giving up having my hair done at the salon or having my fingernails manicured. Soon after that my shirt sleeves became accustomed to a daily lacing of spit-up. I remember changing blouses three or more times a day, hence surrendering perfect personal cleanliness. Then my daughter entered toddler-hood and soon there were fingerprints on the walls, dirt on the floors brought in from outside, crumbs under the table and countless drink spills. It was during this stage that I gave up perfect household cleanliness. Since having had a second child I have surrendered a quiet household, time for needlepointing, errands run peacefully and absorbing the Holy Gospel at mass.

So perhaps there should be a "children's day," too.

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