Friday, May 11, 2007

DarthDoyle's Generosity: $139 Million ++

Well, maybe it'll be $139 million.

Then again, maybe MORE than $139 million.

Gov. Jim Doyle's plan to guarantee eighth-graders who stay out of trouble and maintain a B average seats in college will cost at least $139 million more than the state otherwise would be expected to pay over a six-year period beginning in 2009.

The Democratic governor's Wisconsin Convenant program would promise seats to those eighth-graders in public and private universities or the technical college system.

When current eighth-grade students start taking state government up on the Wisconsin Covenant promise, guaranteeing them financial aid to enroll in those higher education systems will cost about $38 million more in the 2009-'11 budget; $46 million more in 2011-'13; and $55 million more in 2013-'15, Administration Secretary Mike Morgan told legislators in a letter.

The Governor is crazy. Let's hope that a majority of the Assembly is NOT crazy.

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