Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Think Quote

OK. Time for a thinking thing.

"If all intellectual inquiry is really only questioning, then it is not even questioning, because unless there is an answer, there really is not a question. It is something else. It is a kind of intellectual tourism perhaps, or intellectual debunking. It is essentially the old sophistry, Plato's opponents." -- Msgr. Robert Sokolowski

Followed by this brief cut from a Fr. Schall essay:

It is the Catholic Church in the modern world that, in practice, thinks that differences can and must be first resolved in reason. It is the faith that professes to be bound by reason. This is the import of Benedict XVI's "Regensburg Lecture." It insists that there are no places for either philosophy or religion to hide from the necessity to explain and justify what one stands for and what one lives by.

Finally, As Plato taught, all disorders are ultimately disorders of our souls before they are disorders of our polities.

Yah, that's proselytizing, in a way. But then, it's reasonable proselytizing, no?

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