Tuesday, May 01, 2007

More on Star Packaging, Petrie, and Illegals

The JSOnline ran a story today on Chapter 3 of a raid conducted last August; this blog covered the original story here.

According to the criminal complaint, 25 employees at Star, a company that packages food and other products, were working with false Social Security numbers or numbers assigned to others. Two workers were charged with identity theft for using Social Security numbers not their own.

In addition, the company's owner was arrested and charged with six felony counts on allegations of hiring workers with Social Security numbers that weren't their own. Allen Petrie, 48, is scheduled to go to trial in July on six counts of identity theft for financial gain, party to a crime. If convicted, he faces up to six years in prison, and fines of $10,000 on each count. His attorney, Stephen Glynn of Milwaukee, said Petrie didn't intend to violate the law. He's not accused of supplying the documents or paying for them. Petrie got many of his workers from a temporary agency, yet the agency was not charged, Glynn said.

We note that Mr. Petrie obtained the services of a Class "A" criminal lawyer since August.

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