Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Timing Is Everything

The State's budget will be debated throughout the next few months. There's the Doyle version, which increases taxes and spending, not to mention bonded debt.

Then there will be a Republican version, which will be modified a bit because it has to be approved by Democrats--but it will have different spending priorities, probably less spending, and certainly less taxes.

In fact, the Republican version may emerge almost intact, thanks to "Frankie the Fixer," Jim Doyle, and Dennis Troha (and there may be a few more as time goes on.)

At some point in time, it will become clear to Democrats in the Legislature that being too friendly to Jim Doyle is like being too friendly with a lady of the evening. There's a lot of glitz, and a nice smell. But then there's this...medical problem.

Joy turns to pain, and personal expense. People might find out about your dalliance and start asking questions.

Doyle is now on the downhill side of the power curve. Think his budget will be enacted?

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