Monday, March 05, 2007

Tell Me Again That Red China is a Marketplace

One of the uber-capitalist lines justifying sending US manufacturing over to Red China is (was) that after all, Red China has a billion "potential consumers" and who could ignore such a market bonanza, and yappaflappa, etc.,


Researchers at the State Council, the Academy of Social Sciences and the Communist Party's central university determined that of the 3,220 Chinese with assets totaling more than €10 million, 2,932 are relatives of senior party officials.

What a market!! 3,220 people.

HT: Random10


jp said...

Are you saying one must have assets totaling more than 10 million to be a “potential consumer” in America???

Dad29 said...


But the "massive market" in PRC consists largely of peasants earning $16.00/week.

That ain't gonna get you a Dodge minivan. Not a GE reefer. Maybe a set of pots and pans.