Thursday, March 01, 2007

Random Snow Observations

WHY is it that our Township snowplow arrives within 15 minutes of my clearing the driveway? This makes the third time in 6 days...

HOW did a driver manage to get his car across a turn-lane curb, going the WRONG way on Capitol Drive, with NO snow on the road, nor in the turn-lane?

WHAT makes drivers think that they can enter a high-speed roadway (like Capitol Drive) in front of oncoming traffic, at low speed? They wouldn't do it with dry and clear roads, so what the Hell makes them think they can do it with somewhat hazardous conditions?

WHEN will drivers learn that climbing a steep hill on slick snow/ice requires that they do NOT stop halfway up the hill to observe the deer and/or bunnies? (Once you've stopped, you're not going any further UP the hill--and the 20 cars behind you are not going to choreograph a backing-up routine too easily.)

SINCE WHEN did "slow and careful" mean <15 MPH on a 35 MPH road, when there's 300 yards of nothing-but-road in front of you?

WHY did Brookfield's ex-Mayorette give up control of North Avenue to Waukesha County, meaning that the City of Brookfield no longer controls plowing on that thoroughfare?

(I know the answer--it's so she could offload the maintenance/manpower costs to Waukesha County, thus hiding the maintenance/manpower costs of plowing her stupid damn SIDEWALKS in the DPW budget.)

Still--did she forget (or just never understand) that snow-seasons in Milwaukee have actually included more than 3 storms/year?

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