Thursday, March 01, 2007

New Orleans Wants Double the Money

In a proposal introduced in Congress:

Two Louisiana Democrats filed legislation Tuesday to bar the Small Business Administration from forcing hurricane victims to repay recovery loans with federal grants they receive for rebuilding their homes.

SBA already lent the money to X, Y, and Z to rebuild their homes and businesses. Now along comes ANOTHER Federal agency with grant money (no payback required) for rebuilding homes.

X, Y, and Z want to take the free money and repay the SBA loans.

SBA says "no-can-do! That's two gobs of money for the same damage claim."

Mary (who does NOT moon) Landrieu wants double the

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doctorj2u said...

19 months after the storm 1 % of LA citizens have received aid "allocated" (great word) to help them restore their homes destroyed by admittedly subpar federal levees. Some were able to get an SBA LOAN a little earlier to tide them over.. Now that the federal GRANT money is starting to flow (the first ais started this month) they want to get the grant money (0 % interest) and PAY OFF the SBA loan (that has interest). It is NOT double dipping. The person still gets the same amount of money, the government gives the same amount of money. The only difference is the interest rate. If it was your life, you would be asking for the same thing. Don't worry, though, because this government hasn't done one thing that actually helped the people involved. Not without those people fighting for it at least. I hope you never have to go through such horrors.

Dad29 said...

Dear Dr.

Perhaps living BENEATH SEA-LEVEL is a mistake, no?

First things first. If you stick your head into an operating atomic reactor, you can expect blurred vision just before you die.

If you live beneath sea level, you can expect water problems.

Living on the San Andreas fault may be harmful to your china set.

Get it?

Might I ask, by the way, why the Feds should provide FREE MONEY to people so they can re-build houses BENEATH SEA LEVEL?

The Asian Badger said...

Dear Dr. j2u.... why should we pay for New Orleans? How about people from New Orleans paying for Wisconsin tornado victims?

BTW..if it was my life, I wouldn't be stupid enough to live below sea level.

Amy said...

If it was MY life, nearly 18 months after the hurricane, I'd have used whatever money I received to get a new place (outside the flood areas), a job, and I'd get on with my life.

People in Mississippi were hit just as hard as NO, yet we hear so little about them, and they seem to be doing what 99.9% of the rest of the country does after disaster strikes: they pick themselves up by their bootstraps and get on with life.

Headless Blogger said...

Dad29 - Are you trying to raise my blood pressure today?

I about flipped out on Sunday when I read something by a NOLA Katrina crybaby after I had just spent four hours shoveling snow. I didn't expect help from the National Guard with my shoveling or a federal handout for my heating bills. It is time for these people to grow up and learn self reliance.

It is also time to give up on below sea level development. Not on a basis of cost or risk to man, but because it is an environmental abomination. Let bayou be bayou.

Anonymous said...


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