Friday, March 02, 2007

Leadership? or Desperation?

RUUUUDDDEEEE! is getting a lot of buzz, now from two "conservative" babes who evidently use the French formula for winning wars:

The other night, Laura Ingraham and Kate O'Beirne, (author of "Women Who Make the World Worse" and frequent guest on "The World Over" on EWTN) conservative pundits for whom I have a lot of respect, sorely disappointed me when they agreed on her radio program that conservatives will just have to settle for Rudy, despite his pro-death opinions, oh, wait . . . he's coming around on Partial-Birth infanticide. . . Laura said we should be happy he's converting on that issue.

To quote a genuine American patriot:

"We have not yet begun to fight!"

That, ladies is how wars are won.

HT: ProEcclesia

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