Monday, March 12, 2007

Jews in France and England Targets of Hizbollah

Since the Iranian spymaster's defection, there have been a few changes:

In fact, Kuwaiti daily Al Seyassah believes that Paris and London have reinforced security measures after the Israeli Mossad provided them with reliable information on the terrorist threat represented by Hezbollah cells helped by Iranian Services based in the Iranian embassies and consulates in Europe. The targets would be the Israeli diplomatic and consular representations as well as Israeli nationals and Israeli interests in Europe in general.

According to British sources quoted by the newspaper, “some Lebanese Shiites living legally in Great Britain, and other clandestine ones, are being monitored since last Tuesday, whereas other Arab nationals infiltrated clandestinely in the United Kingdom were stopped and expelled”. The daily newspaper adds that “hundreds of Lebanese Shiites who own small restaurants and taxis, use their businesses to to spy and smuggle goods. From now on, they are monitored by Scotland Yard and MI-5”.

France is more a concern since their internal security is very weak.

HT: Counterterrorism Blog

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