Thursday, March 08, 2007

Jambois, Troha, Gambling: Follow the Money

Fred points out an interesting factoid in reviewing the JS' article on "Frank the Fixer"'s assistance to Poor Dennis Troha:

Robert Jambois, the department's chief counsel, said staff attorney Paul Nilsen was sent to Illinois and Pennsylvania so he could have a better understanding ofthe issues at hand.

Jambois is not exactly 'clean-handed.'

Jambois' wife, Bev, is being paid $1,695 a week - or the equivalent of 88 grand annually - to run the campaign promoting a vote for the casino on Tuesday. So far, she's pulled down nearly $12,000 for 11/2 months of work.

Also on the pro-casino payroll is the couple's 30-year-old daughter, Stacey Jambois, who has collected $2,200 since September. (Spice Boyzz, 10/29/04)

Obviously a very talented family.

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